Eircom and the fallacy of re-branding

And with one leap they were free”…….. well, not quite if you happen to be the former Eircom. Now glossily renamed eir and with an apparent €16 million re-branding budget to cast an advertising and promotional spell to make us forget the former brand, it’s a trick that only works if the gloss matches the…

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Welcome Bernard Byrne, AIB’s new media star

As I’ve alluded to previously, there’s few good corporate interviewees in Ireland – especially on radio and particularly when it comes to the heads of major businesses. Over trained and tightly scripted they present a bland version of themselves that’s characterless and inoffensive. The emphasis seems “get this over quick and don’t screw up”: it…

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Digital Marketing Agencies: Bursting the Bubble

What’s the deal with Digital Marketing Agencies in Ireland? Twice in the past 3 months I’ve been invited for unsolicited “chats” about the role of Client Service Director. Both agencies had heard about me via their network of contacts, knew my commercial and new business track record from working with the likes of Saatchi in…

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