Become a better Media Performer

  • Talking to media is an important skill for any business or organisation
  • It’s essential to have a spokesperson who can effectively and succinctly articulate a story in print, on Radio/ TV and online
  • We help you to become a more confident, assured speaker
  • The course is in three parts:
    • Getting Your Messaging Right (60 minutes)
    • Skills to deliver your story (60 minutes)
    • Review and phone prep
  • Whatever the need, good PR is based on good storytelling
  • Make it engaging and get the attention you want
  • However, good writing does not just “happen”. It takes time, consideration and expertise to get it right
  • Learn what it takes via an interactive course delivered via Zoom, Teams or Google Meet
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Whats Covered

  • Identifying what you want to say
  • Prioritising commercial messages into a fluent narrative
  • Informal Q&A sessions to test that your messages stand up to scrutiny and make sense
  • Using Plain English and avoiding Jargon or tech-speak
  • Coping mechanisms to avoid nerves, overcoming verbal “tics” + repetitions
  • Setting the Right Tone – how to sound expert and engaging
  • How Long? (and other details)
  • Top Tips
  • Do’s and Don’ts